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Production & Post Production


The production landscape is constantly changing and new challenges come with every job. Hollywood has taught us that anything is possible and the talent behind the lens should equal or surpass the talent in front of the lens. Innovative filming techniques and proprietary camera systems allow us to get the shot no matter what the location or environment.

Our team is of the first generation to bridge a background in film to digital cinema. In 2001, we shot our first production in full 1080i HD. In 2014, we conformed our first feature film in 4k resolution. As we move toward the future of technology we are proud to offer VR (Virtual Reality) production through a number of platforms as well as ultra high definition for large format and beyond.

The journey along the way has brought a lifetime worth of real world production experience and a commitment to deliver no matter what the circumstance. Equipped with an extended range of drones, aerial camera systems, cable cameras and customized rigging packages, there is not a job anywhere in the world out of reach.

“We believe that 'passion should fuel' and 'creativity should drive' the machine that is Freeride Entertainment.” - Jeremy Grant, Director

Post Production

Freeride Entertainment’s two post production facilities are located in downtown Seattle, Washington and Nelson, British Columbia. Technology is always at the forefront in our studios, and our staff brings a level of expertise you’d find in the largest post houses in the business. We’ve built out an extensive team of post specialists to support any level of project.

Seamless workflow is key and a complete offering of on location DIT services allows us to manage content in the field for fast and efficient translation to post production. We feature: Six edit suites equipped with multiple editing platforms, Davinci Resolve colour correction system, Facilis Technology file sharing and DNA evolution storage systems. Compatible workflows for 4K content are easily managed and shared across all of the suites. We offer a comprehensive and streamlined experience for our clients. Wiredrive is used for real time client sharing to view project timelines and provide notes back to the editors for immediate results.

Seattle offers all the amenities of major metro experience while Nelson BC allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world, focus on creativity and take advantage of the BC Post Production Tax Credit program.