Masters of Movement



The Concept

"Working with the worlds’ most elite athletes is something that we have prided ourselves on from day one. When Degree and Unilever came to us with their new Masters of Movement concept the entire company got excited," says director Derek Westerlund.

Kevin Townsend of Science and Fiction, a co-director on the project, knew this was no easy feat. "When Unilever says they want to go out of the box with their next campaign, you know they are serious. There are very few production companies out there that could have pulled these shoots off. 4 very different sports, 4 very different personalities and 4 extremely tough locations. I have two words for you, "Freeride Entertainment."

The Athletes

Freeride Entertainment - Travis Rice - Degree: Masters of Movement

Travis Rice

Professional Snowboarder

Travis Rice is possibly the world’s best snowboarder. When he wanted to fly two A Star helicopters deep into the Lizard Range, in Southern BC, to pay homage to the snowboarding master himself - Craig Kelly, and ride one of Craig’s most famous lines, we could not say no. Problem was, he did not know where it was. Having the legendary mountain guide, John Buffery, jump in for the one hour flight from Nelson to Fernie put us right on top of it in no time. John had only seen it once many years before, and it's only that kind of mountain sense that could find such a unique formation amongst a mountain range that spans almost 45km.

Freeride Entertainment - Darren Bearcloth - Degree: Masters of Movement

Darren Berrecloth

Professional Mountain Biker

"Base Jumping and Mtn Biking in Arizona, Snowboarding in British Columbia and Rock Climbing in Moab Utah, 4 spots in 30 days?" - Derek Westerlund, Founder

Freeride Entertainment - Miles Daisher - Degree: Masters of Movement

Miles Daisher

Professional Base Jumper

"We knew hiring out of hollywood would be a massive challenge on this one. We knew that we needed a physically fit team that would not let anything get in the way of getting these spots done."

Freeride Entertainment - Bear Grylis - Degree: Masters of Movement

Bear Grylis

Television Personality and Adventurer

"This is one of the most successful campaigns in our run with Unilever," says Greg Manago of MindShare Worldwide. "We could not be happier with the results." - Greg Manago - MindShare Worldwide