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Freeride Entertainment - Hitcase We Adventure

We Adventure

It is often said in our world that production is overcoming a series of hurdles. Usually challenges get thrown at you in circumstances that seem straight forward or are carefully plotted before you ever turn a camera on.

When Hitcase came knocking to partner on their global brand launch and produce an entire campaign with Hitcase and iPhone, it was like the VHS player chewed the tape... then rewound and played itself again.

Hitcase Founder and CEO Brooks Bergreen had the idea to take one of the most prolific commercial production companies in action sports, take away all their $100 thousand dollar camera packages and high end toys, and see what they were made of.

"Working with the latest technologies for two decades has certainly kept us cutting edge. Take that away and you expose the true filmmaker. I am not sure we have had a challenge like this in the history of the brand." - Alex Fostvedt, Director of Photography - Freeride Entertainment

Not only would this be a challenge to Freeride, it would put the Hitcase product through intense rigors and really tell the development team if the product was ready for the masses. There was nothing separating this project from a full blown commercial production besides the fact this was our only camera system.

Underwater photography in Florida, wing suiting out of Rory Bushfield’s plane, full alpine winter environments with snow sports athletes. There was no end in sight for what the team at Hitcase was looking for.

Freeride Entertainment - Hitcase We Adventure

Behind The Scenes

Freeride took the challenge super seriously. The camera team decided to not let anything limit how we would use the phone. Within a week the fabricators had converted mounts for cablecams, Ronins and mounting devices for any situation. Paired with an unlimited amount of consumer available accessories from Hitcase there was no shot out of reach.

The true test of all things in our world is image quality. Apple has done an amazing job with the iPhone 6 in balancing colour space and contrast. The images at times were shockingly good. The image of a senior cameraman looking through the screen on a phone with a huge smile and look of bewilderment says a lot for the level that technology has come. Hitcase has done a great job of building optics that both compliment a consumer film maker and everyday lifestyle. It’s an absolute huge win for anybody that uses one.

The sheer size and versatility of the Hitcase, along with the durability, make this an easy product for any of us to fully endorse in any environment.

"The only thing between your average person and an oscar is their creativity now."Brooks Bergreen, Hitcase Founder/CEO