On Any Sunday,
The Next Chapter

Red Bull Media House


The First Chapter

In 1971, Director Bruce Brown (Endless Summer) created an incredible Academy award nominated documentary which explored the diverse world of motorcycle riding. Fast Forward over 40 years and Bruce's son Dana Brown, Director of Step into Liquid and Dust to Glory, joins forces with us and Red Bull Media House, to pay homage to his father's film with a modern day snapshot of the 2 wheeled world.

"A lot has happened in the past 40 years, but the passion for riding is timeless and continues today." - Bruce Brown, Executive Producer

"I want this film to get made because it’s great for motorcycle sport," says Executive Producer Bruce Brown. "The time is right and I am so proud to have Dana tell the story and work with Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment to pass the torch to the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts and film goers alike."

"To tell the story of motorcycle culture and all the amazing athletes and personalities associated with the thrill of riding is an honour. The Brown family are great storytellers and to work with them and the rest of the talented team has been fun." - Jonnie Broi, Producer - Freeride Entertainment


The Next Chapter

"In I971, On Any Sunday made me want to become a film maker. Not because my Dad had made the film, but because it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I had never imagined making another On Any Sunday," commented Director Dana Brown. "It all started with a 'what if' and some excitement at the possibilities. The chance to tell a completely unique story that still has all the hallmarks of the original. The heart, soul and passion have not changed. But the level of performance and the technology to convey that certainly has."

"The original cinematography was natural, intimate and connected the viewers to the characters. The audience felt the sense of freedom that "on any sunday" ultimately conveyed. I believe our camera team has been able to connect to those visual emotions with 'on any sunday - the next chapter.'" - Axl Fostvedt, Director of Photography - Freeride Entertainment

Left to Right: Bruce Brown, Dana Brown, Carlin Dunne, Ashley Fiolek, Brad Oxley, Dani Pedro, Doug Henry, Mark Marquez, James Stewart, Kenny Roberts, Robbie Maddison, Travis Pastrana