Robbie Maddison "Drop In"

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Getting Sideways with Maddo in Park City

Drop In was no ordinary commercial shoot. When a production crew of 60 people descend on Park City so Robbie Maddison can jump the KT 120 Olympic ski jump there was a ton at risk. This was literally a stunt that only one man in the world would consider doing.

"When Skullcandy and Freeride Entertainment hooked up to produce the new Robbie Maddison Crusher headphone campaign we knew all the elements were there." - Nate Morley, Creative Director - Skullcandy

Freeride put together the absolute A-Team of cinematographers to join us on this. Including moto filmmaking god Jay Schweitzer and legendary snowboard filmmaker turned Hollywood DP Mike "Mack Dawg" McIntyre. Throw these on guys on the crew with all the Freeride Entertainment aces and you knew nobody was missing this shot. In fact there might not be a better team on the planet.


The Risk

At Freeride it seems like every shoot has an element of risk or danger but this was different. After two days of shooting the Olympic bobsled and getting absolutely sideways on the pavement when the big moment of hitting the KT 120 was upon us things would get very real. Robbie would be jumping the length of a football field and falling the vertical drop of a 20 story building.

"It didn't have that life or death feel because of the progressive landing ramp of the ski jump. But I was super nervous and it still had a scary element to it due to the enormity of the drop involved (over 20 storeys) and landing on the carpet we had laying over the plastic "multi-climate ski surface" had me a little concerned for the bike doing something weird when I landed." - Robbie Maddison


No Second Chances

There is no second take here. There could be one chance only to get the shot. Aligned along the sides of the KT 120 were an arsenal of 8 RED Epics and Go Pro’s everywhere. In the sky the Cineflex Elite and an RC heli with a Canon C300 hovered ready for the big moment.

The thing with Robbie is he was not worried about the 3,2,1. He knew that when he was ready he was dropping. This made it very hard for the directors and team to be ready. Sure enough without any warning the throttle was twisted and Robbie was inbound. The whole thing was very intense and surreal as it just happened. No warning. With Robbie’s son Kruz and his wife Amy standing at the bottom he absolutely stomped it and without hesitation proceeded to go back up and hit it another couple times making it look easy. It was at that point when the wind started picking up and Robbie pumped his fist as he knew he had just put another huge notch in his belt and professional motocross career.

"Having the group of creative people we had involved in this project helped bring the whole concept together quickly, the shoot went off without a hitch and the final outcome was a very impressive visual documentation." - Robbie Maddison

"Skullcandy Creative Director Nate Morley who co created Gymkahna with Ken Block is no stranger to what it takes to blow things up. A couple hundred million web viewers cannot be wrong" - Derek Westerlund, Director - Freeride Entertainment

Over one year later this epic jump is live. We are super proud to have been apart of it and know it will be talked about for years to come.