Cold War

Under Armour


2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games brought along a massive push in the advertising industry as brands jockeyed for visibility in the pre Sochi hype. Freeride Entertainment had the pleasure of collaborating with our friends at studio m in Toronto, to bring to life the vision of Corey Friesen, Under Armour Canada's Director of Marketing, with a spot that defied the conventional. Snowboarding and hockey together.
Nothing says "Canada" more than that.

We spent about 6 weeks prepping for this spot which was originally supposed to be shot in Whistler and close to all the resources of Vancouver's film community. A week before we were supposed to be on location, the call came in from Chris McLeod, the Film and Television manager from Whistler Blackcomb. The operations team had come back with some very bad news. Not enough snow to build the course and no snow in the forecast. This was about as massive of a curve ball as this production could get with no time to recover.

A last gasp phone call to Big White opened up what would be the only location in North America with enough snow and talent to have a course built in just a few days. Flynn Seddon, one of the pioneers of snowboard terrain parks in Canada, rallied quickly to accommodate us.

"Record low snow accumulation in the west brought challenging times to most resorts and made it difficult to pull off the “Cold War” spot in time for a pre Olympic launch." - Shin Campos, Producer Freeride Entertainment

The next challenge was to get the people, gear and talent to a location that was about as removed from any major film marketplace as it gets. It is always a tough one when you are working away from resources and have to make sure every detail is in place before you arrive. There would be no quick couriers for last minute equipment or props. A convoy of production equipment and gear would set off to BC’s interior from Vancouver, and there would be no looking back.

"With the return of CDN athletes to Russian soil… and a UA-designed Canada Snowboard uniform reminiscent of hockey's '72 Summit Series, the parallels started to line up" - Corey Friesen, Director of Marketing, Under Armour Canada

We were extremely happy when we were able to make it to Big White, get a weather window and pull the shoot off. For those who know, Big White is particularly susceptible to fog as it's the only large mountain on a high plateau. Weather is always the biggest game in mountain production.

"A monolithic effort, one not far off from our Canadian hockey team in the 1972 Summit Series, and our 2014 Men’s Hockey Olympic Gold Medal Champions." - Mike Mills, Executive Producer

"Directing a shoot of this magnitude can often be full of obstacles. Weather, light, snow conditions, you name it. With luck, and persistence, most people in my position would survive it, but it takes a dedicated, seasoned and inspired team of industry pros working with you to make it into something great. Freeride Entertainment were those pros. It's rare to meet a group of talented people like this that are willing to do what it takes, no matter what the cost, to get the shot. From the moment we began to collaborate, it was obvious that they were team players, willing to drop all egos at the door and dive right into the creative. This was my first time working with them. But it won’t be my last." - Bryan Reid, Creative Director, studio m

30 sec TV Spot