Where The Trail Ends

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The Trail Started Here

It's one thing to document a sport, but with Where The Trail Ends, Freeride Entertainment set out to redirect it. Collaborating with legendary mountain biker Darren Berrecloth, we wanted to take the sport of mountain biking, which had become dirt jump contests in parking lots, and bring the sport we love back into the mountains.

"We were the first people to ever ride and film in the Gobi desert and that sparked the hunger to go deep" - Derek Westerlund, Executive Producer

An extensive search for the most remote and deadly landscapes on the planet began for Darren and an elite team of the world's top athletes to challenge themselves. The mission was to find out what was possible. For almost 3 years, we travelled deep into the Gobi Desert in China, the Andes Mountains in Argentina, the Mustang Region in Nepal, deep in the Fraser River Canyon in unexplored British Columbia, and the birthplace of big mountain freeriding, Virgin Utah.


All Around The World

For over a decade we travelled the world in search of the best riding locations with the best athletes. That was mostly based around singletrack, jumps and places like Cappadocia, Turkey, where you could hit a lot of one off stunts and lines. This film is about putting tire tracks in places that have never been ridden and never knowing the outcome! - Derek Westerlund


The Athletes

It was an ambitious journey that resulted in many challenges and adventures. Joining Darren on this quest was Kurt Sorge, Cameron Zink, James Doerfling, and Andreu Lacondeguy, with special guests Tyler McCaul, Garret Buhler, Cam McCaul and Robbie Bourdon. What these athletes had to persevere through was insane, all in the name of their sport. For us to keep up and document their adventures was just as crazy, let alone try and create something cinematic.



Many long days went into the documenting of this film, and all the hard work paid off with the response from the mountain bike community and beyond. Where the Trail Ends received many selections for film festivals, and some resulted in taking home awards. A big part in helping us win awards was due to our partner Dolby, who helped bring the environments to life through sound.

"The partnership with Dolby really allowed us to take this film far beyond what had ever been done before in the adventure documentary world. The 7.1 Dolby surround mix we did at Skywalker Sound allowed us to immerse the audience into these beautiful but hostile environments."

"After 3 years of shooting in exotic locations, watching the colourist at Light Iron bring the footage to life was one of the highlights of the entire project." - Jeremy Grant, Director

This film allowed for a lot of depth in a genre that can be very one dimensional. It was an incredible experience being able to work with the best athletes in the sport and have their trust to represent them as not only these super natural athletes, but as human being as well. - Jeremy Grant, Director

We really experimented with a lot of film making equipment. We didn't want to be predictable and Phantom cam everything. We only chose the right moments for those tools. - Brad McGregor


The End of the Trail

"The biggest challenge with this film was to capture these guys at the brink of exhaustion, when they were most vulnerable, but to do that, we had to push our crew just as hard as the athletes. The team behind Where The Trail Ends are truly some of the most relentless and gifted people I have had the pleasure of working with." - Jeremy Grant, Director

Freeride Entertainment - Special Edition Where The Trail Ends Book
- where the trail ends special edtion book, 2012

If a film can become a sensory experience, this is it!